Stone Harbor NJ Restaurants

Stone Harbor NJ Restaurants - Breakfast/Lunch:

Coffee Talk-299 97th St, Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-5282

Donna's Place

Polly's Place-9627 3RD Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-8421

Uncle Bill's Pancake House-304 96th St-Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-8129‎

Yvette's Cafe- 221 96th St, Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-1855

Stone Harbor NJ Restaurants - Lunch/Dinner:

Back Bay Seafood-8305 Third Avenue,Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-2022

Back Yard Restaurant- 222 81st St. Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-2627

Black Fish 

Bradley's Steak and Hoagies

Chill Rooftop Grill: 224 96th Street, Stone Harbor NJ - (609) 368 8500

Donna's Place

The Green Cuisine -302 96th St, Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-1616

Harbors Bizzare -261 96th St # 101 Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-8800

Italian Garden Pizza -9700 3rd Ave Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-0656

Kushimbo's Japanese Rest-330 96th St,Stone Harbor, NJ 609-967-7007

Macks Pizza-8301 3rd Ave Stone Harbor NJ 609-368-6224


Peace A Pizza

Jack's Shack -261 96th Street, Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-4565

Jay's on Third - 9836 3rd Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-1000

Ristorante Luciano -9820 3rd Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ 609-967-9115

Sole Restaurant

Stone Harbor Pizza 

Quahog's Seafood Shack -206 97th St,Stone Harbor, NJ 609-368-6300

The Windrift