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Here you will find a complete list of homes for sale in Avalon NJ. You are able to submit searches for the home you are looking for. This search ables you to narrow search results by choosing amenities that better suit what you are looking for in a shore home. Also, have automatic updates sent to your email address when new properties come on the market as well as properties that reduce for your search results. This is the perfect place to be for all your real estate needs in Avalon NJ.



63 W 26th Street, Avalon NJ - $2,695,000                4306 Fifth Avenue, Avalon NJ - $2,195,000      

33 W 26th Street, Avalon NJ - $2,149,000       4008 Bayberry Road, Avalon NJ - $1,795,000    

699 Sunrise Drive, Avalon NJ - $1,499,000              127 34th Street, Avalon NJ - $1,495,000                      

264 7th Street, Avalon NJ - $1,450,000                   4451 Ocean Drive, Avalon NJ - $1,399,000                

21 E Inlet Drive, Avalon NJ  - $959,900           697 21st Street, Avalon NJ - $899,000             

1322 Ocean Drive, Avalon NJ - $725,000