Stone Harbor NJ Beach Tags

Stone Harbor NJ Beach Tag Information 

All beachgoers 12 and over must display a beach tag from Friday of Memorial Day Weekend until Monday of Labor Day Weekend from 10am - 5pm.  Seasonal, weekly and daily tags may be purchased from inspectors on the beach or from the Beach Tag Office during the summer season.  To purchase tags by mail, send check with name and address and the number of tags desired to the Beach Tag Office.  Tags will be held under your name to be picked up at your convenience. 

Beach Tag Costs in Stone Harbor NJ

Seasonal Tags Discounted On Or Before May 31- $23

Seasonal Tags After May 31 - $28

Weekly Tags (Sat. - Sun.) - $12

Daily Tags - $6

Beach Tag Office in Stone Harbor NJ

Hours: 10am - 4pm

Stone Harbor Beach Patrol Building

95th Street and the Beach,

Stone Harbor, NJ  08247